She is fifteen

She is fifteen. She is all out there – Open. Open to experiment and experience. Open to be experimented with and experienced. A five minute conversation would tell you that she has already experienced a lot. 

Experiences which even to  mildly conservative men or women would be would be outrageous for a GIRL of her age. and when she speaks her words are consistent with her experiences.She is well hooked to the ideas such as feminine independence and ‘no apologies for living’. Though she may not understand them as ideals but she puts them in practice with ease. For example, she does not understand that one of the major constraint to individual freedom is that as social beings we are subject to judgment of others. And when you say you want to be free you also mean that you don’t want to be judged (unless what you do affects others idea freedom in real sense). And if you do not wish to be judges you should also stop judging others for what they do as individuals. 


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