Nothing as dead as this

Its fucking dead place to be at; no life at all. Is this the way this place is supposed to be; office of a PR firm. Probably people here need such environment to do their kind of work. They may call it tranquility important for functioning of brains. I will call it tranquility, too good for any human survival.

Its my office for a day as an IT support technician. This is place full of smartly dressed beautiful faces and they are here because they have brains too(probably).

In my last six months of existence in Delhi I have seen many offices but nothing as dead as this. What I mean by dead is lack of real human interaction and concern about each other. I have worked at government office of defense, a call center, restaurant but nothing compared to this. Its my second day here and no one has even bothered to ask for my name! They have asked me for support I have done their/my work and have come back to my seat but no interaction except what’s absolutely necessary. Is asking someone’s name considered ill mannered here? I wonder, if not!   



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